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The panel connector is held into place by the lateral pressure of the grip panels and the spring tension of a flat ended hammer spring cap.

 In order for the panel connector to fit you must replace the standard Beretta 92 lanyard looped hammer spring cap with a flat ended one. They can be purchased from Brownells here. 

Dave Olhasso also sells the flat hammer spring cap here.                                    Part #HC-001 

If you go to Dave Olhasso's site I highly recommend also getting a D-spring to lighten the trigger pull.  It is part #HS-001.  You can drop the new spring in when you are swapping out the old hammer spring cap.  It is a vast improvement on the factory hammer spring.

If you are unsure how to remove or install the hammer spring cap you can find instructions how to online here.                      
     Available  S.T.A.R.S.  medallions. These are also drop in replacements for the plastic airsoft medallions which fade over time. 
These medallions are metal with heavy enamel.

I can make the grips in different configurations, colors, and for multiple Beretta models.  
 If you would like to have your slide engraved with the S.T.A.R.S. logo I recommend Todd McKechnie at Customized Creationz.  He does great work. Please contact him for a quote.
   Rebecca Chambers, Jill Valentine, Wesker/silver
Wesker/gold,  Barry Burton, Chris Redfield.
I'm pleased to finally be able to announce that in association with Milspec Armoury and Props my Samurai Edge grips will be featured in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.  

  Samurai Edge grips with extended panels and the 
panel connector that form a magwell are $140 .

Extended panels with no panel connector are $100.    

 Regular length grip panels are $90.

Shipping and USPS tracking are included in the price.

Shipping outside the USA is extra.

Ideally they take around 4-6 weeks to complete.
Depending on the amount of orders I have at the time they may take longer.  I want to be upfront about that.

I am a one man operation and can only work so fast without sacrificing quality.
Paypal or a USPS money order work for payment. 
​They can be spotted at the 1:45 mark.
They can also be spotted in trailer #2 at 1:32.