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I make grips for the following Beretta models:

92S/SB(frame safety and or heel mag release)
92 Compact double stack mag.
92 Type-M single stack mag.
8000/8040/8357 Cougar
8000 mini
8045 mini
Samurai Edge (with built in magwell or without)
​Praiyachat Sword Cutlass
  For the sake of the strength and stability of the grips I only make them out of either Dymalux or Micarta. 

  Both materials are laminates that are infused with phenolic resin and densified under extreme heat and pressure to create an extremely strong material that is impervious to warping, cracking, humidity, oils, and solvents. 

   Due to the density of the materials I do not hand checker grips at this time.​
It is cost prohibitive with the amount of time it would take and the wear on the checkering cutters.

Please note that due to the thickness of the grip panels, which is approximately 1/4", only three layers of the dymalux will show. ​Variations in wood structure make each piece one of a kind and colors may be slighty different.
White paper micarta.
Stark white and has a solid appearance that shows no layers.

Aged ivory linen micarta.
Has a light buttery yellow hue when finished. 
Shows layers like real ivory.

OD linen micarta.

Black linen micarta.

Red linen micarta.

Maroon linen micarta.
Varies in hue from dark red to
almost brown depending on how
the light hits it.