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92FS black richlite full checkering
92FS black richlite NOD
92S frame safety black richlite full checkering
92 Steel-I black richlite, texture
92S applejack
92S Cherry Sith
92FS black richlite, extended panels
92S, cocobolo, texture
8000L black richlite, Cougar engravings
Vertec, black richlite, Ace of Spades
92S, rosewood, texture
92 Steel-I Blue Canyon richlite, engravings
92S, black richlite, FOX
92FS black richlite, checkering
92S, black richlite, full checkering
92FS, Redstone Richlite, texture
92 Steel-I, Blue Canyon, texture
92S, silverblack, texture
92 Steel-I 
Maroon linen micarta.
White paper micarta, Sword Cutlass.
92 Cherry
92, OD linen micarta, custom engraving and inlay
92C, green hornet
Vertec, antique pearl kirinite, custom engraving and inlay
92S, royal jacaranda, single safety cut
92 OD linen micarta, custom engraving, black inlay, GID ring.
92S, walnut, gold medallions.
Customer Pics
Original 92 with frame safety and heel magazine release. Black linen micarta with medallions.
8000L Type P Cougar, black linen micarta, gold medallions.
92 Steel-I, cocobolo, silver medallions.
92 Centurion Inox
Maroon Linen Micarta
8045 mini
Black Linen Micarta
Black Linen Micarta
Maroon Linen Micarta
Black Linen Micarta
Maroon Linen Micarta
Maroon Linen Micarta
Green canvas micarta/ gold medallions
Maroon Linen Micarta
Prototype GID grips in the light.
GID grip in the dark
GID grip charged up
Black linen micarta
Tigerwood Elite II
Samurai Edge rosewood
Samurai Edge cocobolo
Vertec cocobolo
Vertec Micarta with finger grooves.
Vertec with Jill Valentine medallions
Vertec with Jill Valentine medallions
8000L Indigo with medallions
Original 92 black linen micarts with medallions
Elite II Chris Redfield medallions
92 Walnut
92 Earth
92 Zebra
8000L Rosewood with medallions
8000L Silverblack with medallions
Cocobolo Samurai Edge
Cocobolo Samurai Edge with red medallions.
Steel-1, Tigerwood dymondwood, silver medallions.
Samurai Edge, regular length panels, cocobolo, dark blue medallions.
Fuschia/black 92
Samurai Edge/ light blue medallions
92 compact, cherry walnut with silver medallions
92 Steel-I OD linen micarta
92 UNSC, OD linen micarta
92 UNSC, OD linen micarta
92 UNSC, GID halo, OD linen micarta
92 UNSC, GID halo, OD linen micarta
Vertec black canvas, two tone
Type-M walnut, gold medallions
92 Samurai Edge
92 hazelwood, fingergrooves, gold medallions
92 Ivory paper micarta, gold medallions
92 Silverblack, Halo medallion
92 Cherry, Samurai Edge, black medallions
92 cocobolo, rounded, silver medallions
92 cocobolo, Samurai Edge, regular length panels
92 OD linen micarta, HALO grips
92 Samurai Edge, cocobolo, full magwell
92 Samurai Edge, cocobolo, full magwell
Steel-I, OD linen micarta
92 blue/black/oak, silver medallions
92 silverblack, extended panels, silver medallions, black texture copound
Regular length cocobolo Samurai Edge. Dark blue medallions
92 compact cocobolo Samurai Edge. Light blue medallions
Silverblack Stoeger Cougars.
Silverblack Stoeger Cougars.
Regular length Samurai Edge. Dark blue medallions
92 Hazelwood with gold medallions.
92 Silverblack, thumbridge, texture, silver medallions.
Full Samurai Edge. Light blue medallions.
92 Steel-I OD linen micarta.
92 Evergreen. Army medallions. Texture.
92 cocobolo, texture, Border Patrol medallions.
Black linen micarta Vertec. DHS medallions. Texture.
92 cocobolo, thumb ridge, finger grooves, gold medallions.
92 cocobolo, thumb ridge, finger grooves, gold medallions.
92 cocobolo, thumbridge, finger grooves, gold medallions.
92A1 white paper micarta.
92 alabaster
92 black linen micarta. brass medallions, 90two style texture.
92 frame safety conversion. Black linen micarta, texture, brass medallions.
8000L Stoeger Cougar, OD linen micarta.
Vertec, black linen micarta, Texas medallions
92 cocobolo, black nickel medallions
92S, black linen micarta, gold medallions
92 OD linen micarta, UNSC medallions,
Brown warwood Samurai Edge
92S, cocobolo, black texture, Air Force medallions
92C, cocobolo, Samurai Edge
92FS, rosewood, silver medallions
OD linen micarta, custom engraving and inlay.
OD linen micarta, custom engraving and inlay.
Vertec, anitque pearl kirinite, custom engraving.
8045 black linen micarta, custom engraving, no inlay
92 Maroon linen micarta
92 Aged ivory, silver medallions
If you are a previous customer and would like to send me a pic of your grips installed. I will post it here for you.
  More pics to come.
92FS white paper micarta, custom engraving, Empire
92 Red linen micarta, custom engraving, magazine release channel.  First Order
92S, green warwood, custom engraving.  Fett
92FS brown warwood, custom two tone engraving. Han
92FS, orange terotuff, custom engraving. Rebel