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    Hello and welcome to my site. My name is Derek and I design and make Beretta grips.  

   Years ago I was very disappointed to discover that my favorite Beretta pistol didn't have any aftermarket grip options. And also that the big grip companies didn't have any interest in making them because they weren't commercially popular enough for them to produce on a large scale.

   Not willing to accept these facts I set out to find custom grip makers to help me out with my quest. Only to find that there were none who specialized in Beretta grips.

   Still not willing to accept that these "unpopular" pistol models didn't have any grip options I decided to make them myself.  

   With the help, encouragement, and support of my friends at the Beretta Forum and years of trial and error honing my craft I'm pleased to say that there is now someone out there willing to create the grips that these fine firearms deserve.

   So please take a look around my site and don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in having unique custom grips made for your Beretta.   -Thanks, D

DS Grips
P.O. Box #1526
Hutchinson, KS